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Contemporary-Designed Spoon Rest

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Choixe’s chic spoon rest will keep your kitchen clean and in style. A spoon rest (also known as a dublé) is a piece of kitchenware that serves as a place to lay spoons and other cooking utensils to prevent cooking fluids from getting onto countertops and keep the spoon from touching any contaminants that might be on the counter.

MINIMALIST DESIGN. Simplicity, clean lines, monochromatic accent, and contemporary styling make this spoon rest essential for kitchen decor. Elevate your space with sleek sensibility.

FUNCTIONAL AND MULTI-PURPOSE. This stylish spoon rest prevents cooking fluids from getting onto countertops . This piece is functional as kitchenware or simply enjoy it for its luminous beauty as a decoration accessory.

CRAFTSMANSHIP. Each piece is made at a time using expertly processed recycled aluminum alloy finishing with multi-step polishing creating a piece of artwork with a balance of functionality and modern design.

ECO-FRIENDLY. A sustainable product made of recycled aluminum helps reduce energy usage during the making process while decreasing landfill waste.

ARTWORK. This spoon rest hits a high note with its wavy elongated shape and hand-cast chic finish, minimalist artistic addition to a countertop. Make it memorable down to the last detail.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 3.25" x 1.75"

Weight: 6.5oz.

Directions: Wipe with a dry cloth. Hand-wash only. No-dishwasher safe.

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