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I Just Needed Something To Burn

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Introducing the "I Just Needed Something To Burn" candle - the ultimate solution for when life is a dumpster fire and you just need to burn something! Made with coconut apricot wax and scented with a delightful blend of citrus, exotic spice, and beautiful jasmine, this candle is the perfect way to turn any situation into a zen oasis.

As you light this candle, the citrusy notes awaken your senses, and the exotic spice adds a touch of warmth and comfort. But the real star of the show is the beautiful jasmine, which is known for its calming properties. So, go ahead, take a deep breath, and let the "I Just Needed Something To Burn" candle transport you to a place of pure relaxation and tranquility.

This candle is like a hug in a jar, reminding you that sometimes life is a dumpster fire, and you just need to burn something to make it all better. It's perfect for those moments when you just need to take a break from the chaos and chill out with a good book, a glass of wine, or some Netflix and chill.

Warning: burning this candle may cause spontaneous bouts of laughter, deep relaxation, and an overwhelming desire to take a nap. Side effects may include a sense of calm, inner peace, and a newfound appreciation for the power of scent.

So, the next time life gets you down, remember the "I Just Needed Something To Burn" candle. It's the perfect way to turn any situation into a moment of zen and reminds you that even in the midst of chaos, you can always find a little bit of peace.

Scent notes:

Citrus, exotic spice and beautiful jasmine

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